Flower garden at Dilijan, Armenia

SMACS 5th Graders

First Row left to right:
Ani Y.
Alex D.
Harout N.

Second row left to right:
Stephanie K.
Savannah M.
Shaunt K.
Alex A.
Emmanuel A.

Third row left to right:
George F.
Tania B.
Arin B.
Andrew T.
Talar K.
Sebastien P.

Fourth row, left to right:
Nicole G.
Dalida M.
Tamar V.
Christina C.
Nicole F.
Liana T.
Raquel I.

Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) has a
head like a giraffe, a body like a horse, stipes like a zebra and a very long blue tongue

Okapi Wildlife Reserve in

Camel-Whispering "I Love You"


Savannah's photo of HOUYS and the Unique


Sahag Mesrob Armenian Christian School  (SMACS)  5th Graders
Adopt an Animal at Yerevan Zoo

“Havatk”, that's what the 5th Grade Science Class at Sahag Mesrob Armenian Christian School (SMACS), named the Caracal they recently adopted at the Yerevan Zoo, in Armenia.

Havatk means Faith in Armenian, and in English it is roughly translated to trust, hope and belief in the goodness, trustworthiness or reliability of a person, concept or entity. That is why the students believe in this noble concept.

When the 5th graders were asked, why they voted to adopt the Caracal, the most popular response in the class was that the Caracal looked like a "cool cat". The phrase "cool cat" came from the 20's and 50's, which meant an extraordinary and hip person. Thus, they thought that the Caracal looked like a cool and hip animal to adopt. Other reasons noted by the class, included the animal’s captivating ears, its shiny coat, slender body and beauty. The most sincere comment however, came from a student who thought that the particular picture of the Caracal seemed so weak and thin that she wanted her class to help this poor animal.  

For whatever reason the 5th graders chose the Caracal, they feel very excited and honored to know that they are helping an animal halfway across the world to eat, receive the necessary medical attention and live in a better home.

The 5th graders at SMACS are a unique and united class who have Havatk that Yerevan Zoo will become a better zoo for all of its residence.


My Recent Visit to The Burbank Animal shelter and
The Los Angeles Zoo

On Monday April 2, 2012, my grandfather and I visited the animal shelter in the City of Burbank, California, to meet with the officers and staff of the shelter and present them copies of the flyer I prepared to promote my web site which encourages every one to visit their local zoos and also visit their local animal shelters promoting the idea of adopting animals.

The staff was very cordial; I enjoyed talking to them about my web site and explained to them why and how I came up with this idea. I then spent some time in the kennel where the animals are kept. Most were very friendly and happy dogs waiting to be adopted. I especially liked a black German shepherd, although several others were also very nice.

One thing I noticed, The Burbank Animal Shelter was very clean. The animals are kept in excellent condition with both indoor and outdoor access. I highly recommend every one who is planning to get a dog or other pet to make sure to visit their local animal shelter and adopt one.

A week later on April 9, 2012 I visited the Los Angeles Zoo with my grandfather, where I was able to meet with the zoo's director and administration staff and presented them copies of my flyer, explaining Yerezoo web site and its mission.

The director informed me about the recent opening of two buildings called LAIR which stands for Living Amphibians-Invertebrates-Reptiles and encouraged me to visit this new exhibit. As he realized that I am Armenian he told me to look for the Armenian Viper, an endangered species, which is the first exhibit as you enter the LAIR building.

The Armenian Viper is venomous and is also known as Crop Guard.  They are an important controller of rodents that destroy crops in their native country.  These vipers have been a priority for conservation work that is done through breeding programs and education.

We continued our visit to see other animals, zebras playing, giraffes wondering and looking upon us from high above, flamingos and hundreds of other animals.

After having lunch I concluded my tour visiting the petting zoo and of course the souvenir shop.

I encourage everyone to visit their local zoo at different times of the year as animals have different attitudes at different seasons. Most zoos offer yearly membership passes which allow the visitors special privileges and discounts. Thank you for reading my report.



Red Rose

Mrs. Ivette Babikian and
Mrs. Sona Badalian

Caracal "Havatk" at YerevanZoo


"Havatk" at Yerevan Zoo




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