HELP an animal for a Healthy, Happy Home

Hi my name is Savannah and I am a ten year old girl who lives in California. I have a special announcement to make to all animal lovers wherever they live in the world.

In the far eastern part of Europe, there is a country called Armenia. In the capital city Yerevan, there is a zoo that needs help to take care of and protect its animals. The zoo is old and needs money for renovation and to help the animals survive.

I am glad to tell you that there is a way to help. You can sponsor your own animal by helping to take care of it for one year. You can pick an animal that you want from their list of animals, and even name it. This is really easy to do.
I felt super good about myself when I adopted my gray wolf.

After you read my message, please visit the following web site and go through its pages to find out details about the conditions at the Yerevan Zoo and what they are doing to help upgrade the living conditions of the zoo and their animals. You can also read and participate in their adoption program.

When I heard about this project, I immediately asked my parents to help me adopt the gray wolf, which I named "Houys", which in Armenian means "Hope". With my help, Houys will start getting better care, better food and medical attention and maybe if the zoo vets decide, she can even have babies.

I chose the Gray Wolf for two reasons. First, because wolves are from the dog family, and I love dogs, (see the pictures of my dogs Coco and Sunday; and my cousin's dogs Sammy, Taz, Cosmo, and Kramer)...

The second reason why I wanted the gray wolf is because I knew everybody likes lions, tigers, bears, and elephants and they would be adopted faster. But the less popular animals like wolves, vulchers, and hyenas need help too. So please, think about this great idea and adopt an animal of your own or together with your family, friends or classmates. Everyone can pitch in and adopt together.

It is so important to take care of animals, and it is such a good feeling. Please share this special experience with everyone you know.

Here are easy steps to follow: Visit the web site, adopt your own animal, and then tell everyone you know to adopt an animal too. Remember to e-mail me and let me know what you did so that I know my efforts to help the Yerevan Zoo animals are working.
Thank you,


P.S. Please visit the closest zoo to where you live, or whenever you travel on vacation. All animals need our love and affection. Then remember to help the animals in less fortunate locations and especially the ones in Yerevan Zoo.



"HOUYS" at Yerevan Zoo


"HOUYS" at Yerevan Zoo




My Beautiful HOUYS


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