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Aquarium of the Pacific - LGB

Giraffe at L.A. Zoo

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Caracal at Cincinati Zoo

EMU - Australia

PARROTS - Australia


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Lena M. wrote:

Sweet Savannah:

What a noble concept!

 Your love, appreciation and concern for animals is clearly evident by this amazing website.  No wonder you plan on becoming a veterinarian.   I am very proud of you.  Keep up the good work.

I wish you all the success in promoting animal awareness , appreciation and kindness toward  them, and sharing your idea with others through your website to inspire people to help and adopt animals at Yerevan zoo.

With each person or group that sponsors an animal at Yerevan Zoo, they will be helping to ensure better food, living conditions,  veterinary care, and will be contributing to their preservation.

Houys, the wolf you have adopted is a beautiful animal.  The excitement I see in your eyes when you speak about Houys and how eager you are to go visit her next summer at Yerevan zoo proves that your good deed by adopting Houys has not only helped Houys, but has given you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that the token adoption fee could not have been used for a better purpose.

You are truly a special and gracious young lady.


Auntie Lena

Dalida M. wrote:

Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 18:15:15 -0700
Subject: awesome website

Hey Sav  awesome website U have. I love it . Sunday is so cute and Coco too. I love your Houys. I think thats how u spell it anyways I loved it.
Dalida M.

Eileen K. wrote:

Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 1:16PM

Hi Savannah!!!

What a wonderful idea! I love it!  Such a wonderful concept for you to develop and to educate the rest of us by..  A big accomplishment for such a young lady.

  I congratulate you on this endeavor!  I am sure that the word will get around very quickly and your love of animals will lead to saving so many around the world.  Congratulations!


Keoseian Family wrote:

Date: Mon, 19 Sep. 2011 11:28AM

Dear Savannah,

We are so proud of you for always thinking about others (people and animals). Wishing you much success with Yerezoo. It is such a wonderful website and I know it is going to help a lot of animals around the world.

With Love, Keoseian Family

Anna A. Wrote:

Anna A. Thank you for sharing this page Ara jan:)))It's really interesting:)))Hope to seeing you and your clever grand daughter one day in Tatev:)))Pachik for all of you:)))

Caroline A. Wrote:

Very nice.
The website is so professional, friendly and to the point.
Thank you for sharing.


Holly Golden Wrote:

Dear Savannah,
       Just a quick note to tell you how very much I enjoyed your website.   It is very professional!   I loved reading about Houys, the gray wolf you have adopted.  It is very obvious that you are an animal lover. 
     Your dogs Coco and Sunday are just adorable!  Your cousin’s dog Taz reminds me of our pug named Torrey.
    What a beautiful photo of the rainbow over Yerevan!   Your Grandpa Ara has told me that Armenia is a beautiful place.  Ara and I work-out in the same class most every morning.  He is a very smart man, a hard worker and everybody really likes him, too.   I think you take after him!

     The Yerevan Zoo is fortunate to have you as one of its ambassadors in the United States.  You are educating a lot of people, Savannah!  Thank you for sharing your project with everyone.                                                                                                  Sincerely yours,                                                                                                  Holly Golden

P.S.    I have adopted a gray whale from the So. California Cetacean Society.  I am also involved in the San Pedro Pelican Rescue.  You and I have a lot in common!
P.P.S.   Happy Holidays, dear Savannah!


Maryon P. Wrote:

Dear Savannah,

I just returned from Australia and New Zealand and I thought you will enjoy seeing some of the pictures I took there for you.









Double rainbow over Yerevan


Aramus -ArmeniaAramus garden

Yerevan Zoo

Yerevan Zoo

Yerevan Zoo

Yerevan Zoo


KANGAROO - Australia

KOALA - Australia

WALLABY - Australia


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