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Thousands of miles away, in a place called Yerevan, Armenia, there is a zoo named Yerevan Zoo that needs our help.

It is believed that Yerevan Zoo is about 86 acres. It was established in 1941. Since then it is struggling to keep a safe and modern environment for its animals and habitats. According to the Yerevan Zoo web site, in April 2011, the Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) was appointed as Director to the zoo in Yerevan to help better the conditions. The zoo will be partnering with the Artis Zoo (among other organizations) to upgrade and renovate it to modern standards. Current plans for the zoo are its expansion to approximately120 acres.

According to Wikipedia, it is believed that there are about 2,749 animals, belonging to 204 different species currently living at the Yerevan Zoo. However, the animals in Yerevan Zoo do not have the living conditions they deserve. This has to be changed as soon as possible. Any person, young or old, who would like to contribute to the betterment of the living conditions of the animals at the Yerevan Zoo, can now make it happen. Yerevan Zoo has a program called “adopting an animal”. According to the adoption program, any animal at the zoo is available for adoption. Animal adoption is a matchless and unique way to support and help. By adopting an animal you become a zoo parent for one year. You will receive an adoption certificate and rewards, such as free tickets to the zoo for your personal use, or tickets which can be donated to local orphanages or schools. So not only will your donation be helping the animal at the zoo, it will also be helping the children of Armenia visit the zoo and learn about the beauty and importance of the animals and wildlife.

Savannah adopted a female Gray Wolf, and named her “Houys”. Houys means “hope” in Armenian. Savannah has high hopes that this website will help preserve and change the lives of all the animals at Yerevan Zoo and all other zoos around the world.

The website is a non-commercial idea and project that a 10 year old young lady had, and wanted to share with the world. The preservation of wildlife is more important than we think. Raising awareness to help the wildlife is a choice we make to enhance the safety and reproduction of animals.  This is what is all about.

For you to make it happen, please visit and adopt your animal today. Your contribution to this cause will help save an animal.

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